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Where appropriate Intelligence Analysis Training Ltd courses are mapped against the UK ‘Skills for JusticeNational Occupational Standards.

CI-01 Crime & Intelligence Analysis – Level 1 (Basic)
Crime & Intelligence Analysis Level 1 - Basic
£97.00 GBP
CI-02 Crime & Intelligence Analysis – Level 2 (Intermediate)
Crime & Intelligence Analysis Level 2 - Intermediate
£247 GBP
Crime & Intelligence Analysis Level 3 - Advanced
£347 GBP
CI-04 Flow Chart Conventions
Flow Chart Conventions:
Introductory Course
£37 GBP
CI-05 Strategic Assessment
Strategic Analysis:
Introductory Course
£227 GBP
CI-06 Decision Making Model
Decision Making Model
£57 GBP
CI-07 Communications Data For Analysts & Investigators
Communications Data For Analysts
£207 GBP
CI-10 Concealed Income Analysis
Concealed Income Analysis
£67 GBP
CI-12 3x5x2 Information Evaluation
3x5x2 Information Evaluation
£57 GBP
CI-13 5x5x5 Information Evaluation
5x5x5 Information Evaluation
£57 GBP
CI-14 Xanalys Link Explorer 6.3
Xanalys Link Explorer 6.3 Online
INF-01 Inference Development Module
Inference Development:
Module from CI-02
£37 GBP
LB-01 Logical Briefing Module
Logical Briefing:
Module from CI-02
£37 GBP
TS-01 Thinking Skills for Analysts
Thinking Skills for Analysts:
Module from CI-02
£37 GBP
CR-02 Understanding Communications Data
Understanding Communications Data
1 day Classroom Workshop
WS-02 Inference Development for Analysts Workshop
Inference Development
1 day Classroom Workshop
WS-03 Internet for Intelligence Gathering
Using the Internet for Research & Intelligence Gathering
1 day Classroom Workshop