Am I prepared to complete an online course?

It can be quite daunting to sign-up for an online course – but if you are prepared properly then it should not cause you too many problems. You will need to consider your personal circumstances and you could start by asking yourself the following questions….

  • Have you got regular access to a computer with Internet Access (broadband preferred)?
  • Have you got easy access to a printer?
  • Have you got access to an email account (to set up and run  your learner account)?
  • Have you got basic computer skills?
  • Can you commit to studying for a number of hours each week (10-20 hours is not unusual)?
  • Have you got access to a quiet area to help study and allow you to concentrate?
What courses are available and where can I find details?

We are currently creating a number Crime & Intelligence Analysis training courses  – and a list is shown on the Home page of www.intelligenceanalysistraining.com.

If you want to look at the full details of any individual course – including aims and objectives, cost and duration – then you should  click on the course name itself.

What skills do I need to start taking courses?

There are very few requirements to start to take courses. However, individual courses may require that you have particular experience. For example, to take a level 2 course you should have completed the appropriate level 1 course etc.

The main requirements are that you can speak, read and write in English, use a computer keyboard and mouse, navigate a computer screen, use windows explorer (or equivalent) and use the Internet at a basic level.

These skills are transferable skills in the methods, management and communication of research which are relevant in an academic context and which will also be applicable to a wider non-academic context. See the Joint Skills Statement.Am I eligible for courses?

Full details of eligibility can be found via on the course details page. However, most courses are open to all.

Which courses should I take?

It is important that you carefully review the aims and objectives for any course to make sure that it meets your requirements. We will be happy to help you decide which courses best meet your individual needs – simply email your query here.

You will get much more out of our courses if you take them at the appropriate level for your experience. We suggest that you start with the introductory Crime & Intelligence Analysis course (Level 1) but there are other courses which may be suitable to start with – for example, the Research course.  It is up to you to decide which courses are most useful for you.

Remember that you will have several weeks in which to take each course and that you will need to register as a student with Intelligence Analysis Training Ltd first.

How do I get the most updated course information?

When you register and sign up for courses, you will be given personal access to our Managed Learning Environment which has various links to News items etc. You will also be given access to the Forum area where you can ask questions, swap best practice and contact other students or your tutor. You will also be able to use an email link to contact your tutor directly.

We will also send you a regular Newsletter which will contain details of upcoming events and other news items, tips and shortcuts.

When will course be available?

Course development has unfortunately been a little slower than we expected, but we are pleased to report that as well as the courses currently available, others will be following on as soon as we can make them available. We have recently increased our staff and a number of skilled developers are working on courses now, with others due to join us shortly. We are absolutely determined to ensure that material published is developed and tested properly – this, and several minor technical issues, has slowed our progress slightly – but we are sure you would rather receive a quality product than a rushed, flawed one.  To keep up-to-date with our progress you may like to sign up for our  Newletter

How do I know which courses I have registered for or completed?

When you are registered you will have access to the Managed Learning Environment which shows all the courses you are signed up for, all the marks achieved, progress to date, completed courses and other information.

How will Intelligence Analysis Training contact me?

We will use the email address you signed up with (on registration) and we will also contact you via our messaging system on your Learning Account webpage.  You should check your personal messages and email regularly.

What do I do if I am unable to complete a course I have registered for?

Students who sign up for courses are expected to complete them in a set period of time (usually 28 days). If you find that you are unable to complete your course in the allotted time frame then it is crucial that you make contact with your tutor as soon as possible so that the course can be suspended until you are in a position to complete it.

If you are having any difficulty completing the course then you should contact your tutor for assistance – tutors will respond within 24 hours.

How can I demonstrate that I have completed a course?

A record of your achievement is maintained automatically on the Managed Learning Environment. This keeps a record of all access, the scores you achieve every time you take a knowledge check or test and the final marks for your practical exercise (which is assessed by your tutor) is loaded onto the system. Your end of course marks and content covered are included on your end of course certificate.

If you fail to complete the course or your marks are below the level required to pass the course then you will not be supplied with a certificate. However, you will receive an email report showing the areas you need to work upon in order to achieve a pass mark.

You can take some early knowledge checks several times – but every result is recorded. The assessments can be taken once only.

You may also take a course twice.

Who do I contact if have any queries?

Please contact your tutor in the first instance – and if you are having difficulty contacting your tutor, you can always contact the administration department, anytime,  here.

Is my computer up to the job?

Before you sign-up to take any of our online material please consider the following – do you have access to a computer at home (or work) suitable to take your online course?

We produce our narrated presentations and demonstrations in Flash format which should work fine on either a PC or Macintosh. Your computer should ideally have the following minimum requirements. Most computers purchased in last few years will far exceed these requirements.

– A processor speed greater than 800 MHz
– Internal Memory of at least 256mb
– 200mb of hard disk space for temporary files
– Microsoft Windows 98 or higher with latest updates installed (or Mac OS 9.x or OS 10.1.x)
– Firefox 1.1+, Internet Explorer 6.0+, or Safari 1.0+
– An internet connection – (broadband preferred)
– Access to an email address
– A screen display with at least 800×600 pixels resolution (1024×768 recommended)
– A sound card and speakers (or headset)

NOTE: This is the minimum recommended specification – a higher specification will produce better results.

Specific software is also required as follows:

1. Adobe Reader (If you don’t have the Free Adobe Reader then you can download it from here)
2. Microsoft Office (97 or above) alternatively, you could use the Free program – Open Office
3. Flash Player 9+ (If you don’t have the free Flash player installed then download from here)