Our Training

Here at Intelligence Analysis Training Ltd we want to help you to be competitive in today’s career environment, that’s why we provide you with courses that are designed to be relevant, interesting, easy to absorb and value for money. We offer you a range of online learning and training courses which are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, courses you can access from any Internet connected computer. As a standard you will receive the following:

  • Access to our web-based training courses incorporating streaming technology which delivers the course modules through an internet browser directly to your computer.
  • Learning material containing narrated video files, other documents and links you can download or view directly.
    Control of the pace of learning, you can learn quickly or take your time.
  • Access to tutors via email and through occasional online ‘live’ chat sessions.
  • Access to our online forum where you can communicate best practice, contact tutors and other students to discuss course issues and raise questions etc.
  • You are assessed using end of chapter self assessment knowledge checks (monitored), or a combination of knowledge checks with tutor assessed practical exercises where appropriate.
  • Upon successful completion of the course you will be issued with a certificate you can print indicating the grade you have attained, or order one from us.
  • On completion of your course you will have ongoing access to our trainers for advice and guidance (via email).
e-Learning – some of the benefits

e-Learning accommodates your individual learning style and preferences, allowing you learn at your own pace and focus on sections that you want to learn or revisit. Access to learning materials is driven by your individual learning needs and can happen inside or outside your working environment. You are not restricted by the barriers of the classroom, workplace or even continent. This
makes learning personalised to you as an individual, you can fit your chosen online course around your other work and life commitments, learning whenever and wherever you want. You can work at your own pace, viewing material as you wish.

e-Learning can improve your subject retention and can give you a stronger grasp of a topic, this is because various components are combined in e-learning to reinforce the message, such as video, audio, quizzes, interaction and so forth.

There is also the facility to revisit or replay sections of the training that might not have been clear the first time around.

In addition e-learning allows you to manage all your study and assessments securely online and eliminates your travel, abstraction and accommodation costs.

Above all it is affordable.