Feedback CI-01

CI-01 Intelligence Analysis – Level 1 (Basic) Introduction – Law enforcement analyst training

Great course.

(Hala Turjman 25/03/2019)

Great Course!

(Maya Hamade 26/02/2019)

Thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned quite a few new items – found the latter part of the Statistics a bit of a struggle! (particularly Box and Whisker diagrams. Never seen (or even heard!) of them before. The written notes were a great asset and I resisted the temptation to cheat in the tests!!! Thanks!!

(James Shaw 12/02/2019)

Thank you for sending me the certificate.

Actually, the course was really helpful, and it assisted my skills and knowledge. Its design and content helped me to have a general idea about intelligence analysis as I am new for this domain.

It could be helpful as well if at the end of each module, there will be “take away points” or “the most important key messages” to keep in mind.

Thank you, it was a good experience for me.

(Bouchra Elias 07/02/2019)

Very comprehensive and informative course. Enjoyed the content.

(Ania Piorkowska 02/01/2019)

Thanks! Good introduction

(Judith Snape 31/12/2018)

A good introduction to intelligence theory. I enjoyed this short course.

(David Stewart Smith 04/12/2018)

Excellent course

(Owen Elias 11/11/2018)

Good material and videos made completing the course enjoyable.

(Muhammad Brice 03/11/2018)

One thing that was a bit difficult for me at times, is that the course notes differ from the video clips.

I’ve just completed another online course, and setup is more or less the same.

If I can make any suggestions…

See if you guys can’t add additional quizzes to the course material, but these will not be graded, with this, it will assist the student, ensuring that they are on the right track with understanding the course / module content.

Thank you again for the course and will be focusing on the rest of the available courses.

(Joey Rossouw 26/10/2018)

The course material exceeded expectations, both in quality and in comprehensiveness (for a Level 1 introduction). Thank you to the course creator(s?), who have clearly done work in providing content of high quality. The assigned tutor was very responsive and patient.
One minor gripe may be related to the inclusion of Sun Tzu-much of the course covered was UK-focused and understandably so since it is UK-based (though it made ample references to other western countries). This made the inclusion of Sun Tzu appear odd to me, given that the translated text might be misunderstood easily. Without this the historical overview felt quite comprehensive but in my opinion its inclusion detracted from this, as I was wondering why other references were left out, i.e. Judaism(Gideon, Joshua and later), Greco-Roman(i.e. Spartans requiring training in infiltration as rite of passage), Christianity(Jesuits, etc), Machiavelli, Clausewitz referring to realm of ‘chance and probability’ arising from incomplete information and the dialectic of conflict. Within Asia itself, Ninjutsu places a high emphasis on intelligence gathering, the Samurai have a tradition with works such as ‘a book of five rings’(go rin no sho), Genghis/Temujin Kahn’s effective use of spies, etc.
I really enjoyed the material and also an interest in strategy, both east and west, so I do not disagree with the inclusion of the Sun Tzu reference-and to be fair, the Persians and Macedonians were mentioned and no questions about this feature in the assessments. Just thought I would share that the inclusion of the Art of War(Sun Tzu Bing Fa) led to some questions on my side, while others have existed(Thucydides’ On the Peloponnesian War) or Vegetius/ Caesar’s treatise on the Gallic wars. I hope that it was helpful.
All the above aside, please accept my gratitude for a great course which exceeded expectations on all levels.
(Gerhard 06/10/2018)

Thanks Steve!
Of course, here is the feedback I provided:
Course information was very thorough and detailed. Only suggestion is to vary assessment methods, or have other activities in modules to reinforce new information.
I also marked all lessons as 5 – Very Good.
(Taylor 25/09/2018)

Thank you
(Simone Benhayon 23/09/2018)

It was a good course
(Kalifa Julien14/08/2018)

I find this introductory course good overall, although I would recommend more practical exercises, especially from the fourth lesson.
(Pauline Blu02/08/2018)

It would be great to have multiple attempts at the unit tests before committing to the final test, would be a good way to revise what i have learnt prior to committing to the final exam
(Fiona Cole 14/07/2018)

Excellent course! It puts order in the various definitions and gives a comprehensive view. Very useful and methodical and it is nicely structured.
I can definitely recommend it!

(Michael Dean 29/06/2018)

This was a great introduction for someone who has absolutely no background in this field. I found topic 6 ‘good’ only because I found it overwhelming, and it was much larger in content (and maths is not my strongest attribute). The only other feedback I would offer, would be to improve the sound quality of the oral presentations, there were periods where the sound levels fluctuated, which I imagine was due to editing. Otherwise, it was a good start to my training, and I look forward to expanding on my knowledge base in the next course.
Thank you.
(Lisa Highton 29/06/2018)

Fantastic course
Very useful course for intelligence analysis
(Omar Hamdan Alkaabi 27/06/2018)

From 05 Data Issues onwards none of the videos would play – not an issue as such as I could read the notes, but this is a worry for the next course, as there is apparently more content in these videos, so hopefully they will work.
Everything in writing (both the notes and on the videos) is written in the Comic Sans font – sorry, but I find this very distracting and not very professional. Calibri or Arial are standard these days – you may think I’m being picky here, but it did take my attention away from the content many times.
(Tony McMahon 31/05/2018)

Comments re above:
The video issue was investigated, we found it was not our equipment, all played perfectly.
With regards to Comic Sans, we chose this at the time of writing because some dyslexic people find that Comic Sans is one of the more readable of the commonly-available Windows fonts, and we have used it on this in our material in the past, unfortunately, others find it too bold, too childish or too informal. Above was discussed with Tony, other fonts are being considered.
(Steve Berry Intelligence Analysis Training 31/05/2018)

Enjoyable course and I learnt a lot
(Kristian Russell 13/05/2018)

Thank you for the great course. The material was well-organized and presented in easy chunks. I was able to complete it on my own time and study at my own pace.
I was pleasantly surprised at the Analysis of Patterns and Relationships – great information. I will be able to use some of this information in a practical manner when developing cyber threat intelligence.
Thanks again!
(Jeff Aufderheide 30/04/2018)

Good course. Good explanation of statistics. Possible to make the lessons country-neutral?
(J. Srieedar 10/04/2018)

As a criminal intelligence in law enforcement in Brasil, this is the best training i had so far.
(Ryan Krüger Pereira 27/03/2018)

Thank you for the certificate. I enjoyed the course and look forward to putting what I’ve learnt to good use at work.
(Martyn 25/02/2018)

I’m considering doing the next course at some point but it will be later this year due to work commitments.
Again thank you for you and your teams assistance and for a cracking course.
I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. I have appreciated the fact that the course providers have given me the time I needed to complete the course based around my strange work schedule. The curse documentation has been outstanding the video presentations simple to understand and take in. Overall a very good course.
(Martyn Garrett 23/02/2018)

Interesting course, useful to acquire basic knowledge of crime and intelligence analysis.
(Edoardo Tolis 12/01/2018)

This was a very good course. Very enjoyable.
(Liam Adams 22/12/2017)

The concept and training presentation was excellent. The only discrepancies I found were in the context and test grammar. There are missing words and even some misspellings. Recommend run all individual course (Intelligence Analyst CI-01 Basic) and TESTs through a Grammar checker (especially simple omission of words).
(Jason Swope 05/12/2017)

The course structure is great, with the necessary information for this level. The lectures for each module are fairly short, which gives the flexibility to go back to a specific lecture quickly rather than looking for it in a long video.
(Adina Caparnagiu 23/11/2017)

Overall – very good, however I cannot help but think that some improvement could be made to the way test questions are constructed. Sometimes it felt like a memory exercise rather than a knowledge check, particularly with the multiple-tick questions.
(Kat Miryanova 01/11/2017)

I found this course to be pretty good in terms of the amount of information. The modules were a good size and the quizzes were a good representation of the categories.
(Kelly Stewart 14/10/2017)

This course is an excellent and thoroughly engaging course. Being hard of hearing, I thought I would struggle but be able to use the transcript to help me hear the videos was really helpful. The tutors were very personable and helpful whenever I asked a question. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to change careers or has an interest in Criminal Intelligence Analysis.
(Damian Moden 12/10/2017)

Very informative, made complex topics easy to understand; explanation of NIM very clear.
Thank you for sending this certificate.  I plan to sign up for the CI-02 course in a couple of weeks.  I am looking forward to taking it.  The CI-01 was very interesting and confirmed much of what I have observed in my limited contact with police intelligence analysts.  The statistics portion was not simple, but the explanations in the video/text made it comprehensible.  Probably I should find a short course in statistics….
Thanks again,
Kind regards
Ginny Ezell
(Virginia Ezell 17/08/2017)

This was a very rewarding course, and contained even more than I had thought when I signed up. Good course plan and material, and the e-learning system worked well.
(Ole Frode Mikkelsgård 05/07/2017)

Hi, Please see below my feedback for the course, basic analysis. Thank you, really enjoyed it and it was very interesting.
(Nathalie Howard 31/05/2017)

Very useful course for me.
(Nailya Kurmasheva 13/04/2017)

I found this course very interesting and gave me a better understanding of my role.
(Lorna Ovett 17/02/2017)

Very Interesting Course.
(Jack McKenzie 24/01/2017)

Overall, a very good course
(Michael Grady 12/01/2017)

I have been able to establish the level of knowledge about the intelligence analysis I was in before I started the course, and the level at which I find myself after finishing this first course at level 1.
Likewise, it is learned to know the true meaning of the state function of Intelligence, from the history and the use of the Intelligence Cycle, through the diffusion of basic aspects related to this function, identifying the main approaches in the study of the discipline.
(Carlos Pella 10/01/2017)

Many thanks for the course.
(Mostafa Hassan 31/12/2016)

Good program. I learnt a lot of new things.
(Samuel Obeng 19/12/2016)

Excellent Course – really enjoyed
(Kiersty Rose 13/12/2016)

As per the previous course I have carried out with IAT I have found them very informative, in all fairness I would usually find them slightly mundane but the course has kept me interested throughout. I did find the mathematical module to be slightly daunting however the video presentations along with the PDF files explained things in the best and most definitely the easiest way it could for what I would consider to be otherwise very difficult.
Steve has been outstanding throughout and I am absolutely looking forward to the next challenge of my next course.
I can only congratulate you on your methods of teaching as distance learning can be extremely difficult.
(Steve Bradbury 19/11/2016)

Well done, it’s very easy, and comfortable to be able to watch and read, you understand better.
(Rogelio Pastor 14/10/2016)

The course was very enlightening. It challenged your mind and helped you to develop a more open mind towards the analysis of information received to produce better results and enhance the decision-making process
(Richelle Winchester 01/10/2016)

The Intelligence Analysis Course Basic was very helpful in my development as a Analyst.
(Darriel Roberts 22/09/2016)

This is a well put together course. I enjoyed every minute of it. i also liked that the handouts were exactly what was said in the videos, therefore i did not “miss a beat”. kudos.
(Erica Haddaway 16/09/2016)

Introduction to the Analysis of patterns and relationship was challenging, I think I just need to do some more work in this field, but everything was explained in details.
(Samantha Bunbury 16/09/2016)

I am pleased to have successfully participated and completed this basic intelligence analytical course as it would aid in my day to day activities.
(Allister Nurse 16/09/2016)

This course was well put together
(Taramattee Williams 15/09/2017)

The course was very well put together. The videos that accompanied the manuals were very effective teaching tools thus making learning easier.
(Kingsley 15/09/2016)

The course covered a lot of key points in detail however there should be more references included in the event a student wants to research or go further into a preferred or topic of difficulty.
(Jason Dailey 15/09/2016)

I think it was a very interesting course and I have certainly acquired a lot of knowledge from it.
(Peter Fraser 15/09/2016)

This course was extremely beneficial and interesting. There were many techniques covered within the course that I have personally never used.
(Bridie McCann 22/08/2016)

The course was very informative and interesting.
Alice Small (12/08/2016)

Very good course. Easy to follow and understand and relevant material. Thank you.
(Jennifer Bodine 21/07/2016)

The course was a real eye-opener as it provided me the opportunity to veer into the arena of analysis. It was good for me and i recommend same to those who want to do the course.
(George Brains Annan 09/07/2016)

I found the course really easy to follow, Thank you for extending the deadline for an extra month.
(Angela Dixon 10/06/2016)

The course was enjoyable and very informative.
(Laura Hunt 08/06/2016)

I have recently entered the world of analysis in a new role for my current employer. This course really has given me a excellent foundation level of knowledge to be able to develop. I found the final 3 modules of most interest and relevance. I have re-read my modules 1 – 5 and now realise it all makes a lot more sense and falls into place.
(Olivia Woods 03/06/2016)

Very good course
(Derek Evenden 26/05/2016)

I have enjoyed this course and have found it useful for my current role.
(Neil Burt 25/05/2016)

Worthwhile training package, gained new knowledge. Help with my day to day work schedule.
(Kelly Millen 23/05/2016)

More of an ordeal than I thought it would be, although not necessarily in a bad way! I enjoyed some bits more than others, eg, didn’t find the “History” particularly useful, and almost cried at the Statistics (although did well in the test). I would have enjoyed more on Crime Theories, but perhaps that is because of my interest in Socio/Anthro… All in all I think it was time well spent, and now I can say that I enjoyed it – retrospectively of course! Well done!
(Aldo Simone 05/05/2016)

Very good course with at the end a clear understanding about what the intelligence is and its process.
(Ziolkowski 02/04/2016)

Dear gentlemen,
I really loved the course, and despite English isn’t my native language, it was fairly easy to follow. The theory of Box & Whisker was difficult for me.
(J.P.G. (Hans) Ooms 16/02/2016)

I suggest that the section pertaining to the 5 figure summary and box and whisker plots include more explanation. I had difficulty with questions relating to these subjects on the final test.
Overall, I loved the course. I expect to take the intermediate
(Larry R. Brown, Jr. 22/01/2016)

Good Course.
(Mark Johnson Hall 16/01/2016)

Narration in the videos was good but did not flow very well. A bit disjointed. This would help to absorb material.
Initially I did not know what the expectations were but this became clearer as I progressed. I did not know I had to answer 50 questions in the final test for example
(Andrew Robins 06/01/2016)

Really enjoyed the course and it definitely helped having videos to accompany the manuals.
(Lizzy Kingshott 22/12/2015)

I found the Training Course extremely informative, However, on the final test, I completed all questions and pressed Next. All my answers were lost and I had to repeat the exercise which may have resulted in answering some questions incorrectly. (We tried to re-create this to no avail, looks like a connection problem).
(Karen Bennett 22/12/2015)

The narrator of the course is a little monotonous in his tone. Some variety of narrator may lift the interest for the duration. There are some typographical errors also on a couple of modules.
(Helen Hodosn 10/12/2015)

There’s a lot of information to consider and digest but overall I thought it was a worthy cause covering a dry subject. The odd joke might have helped!
(Tess Watkins 09/12/2015)

A good, basic introduction to intelligence analysis as a subject and concepts of crime and intelligence analysis.
(David McLean 07/12/2015)

Too much on Data issues comparing to US.
(Sarah Stevens 02/12/2015)

I thought this training was very good, however not being very mathematical I struggled on section 6 and would have done this better if I have someone show me. But that is just my personal way of learning anything to do with maths. Overall I enjoyed it and thought it was very informative. I learned some new things and it also made me more confident with the things I already knew.
(Esme Pepper 02/12/2015)

Despite my personal and mainly work related challenges, the course was very informative and interesting.
(Tracey-Ann Duncan-Cunningham 29/11/2015)

Good course, I found it really interesting and learnt a lot.
(Rosanna Lloyd 19/11/2015)

As an introductory course it provided a comprehensive overview of all the relevant basic concepts and processes without making it complicated or time consuming. Positives that stood out were the different types of learning material available, a chapter overview typed up saved much time (usually spent on making notes) and the amount of reading and listening required was convenient to fit around other daily tasks, including full time work.
(Anke 09/11/2015)

I enjoyed the course very much. Thank you for assisting me when i needed it.
(Mike Grieves 04/10/2015)

Thank you very much for this training opportunity and all your great feedback and support. I really enjoyed both levels of the intelligence analysis training and have already been using the skills I’ve learned from them in my current assignment with the OPP. I will fill out the written feedback form this week. I really hope to take further courses from IAIP in the near future.
(Denise Crowley 21/09/2015)

Great course. Easy to understand and very informative. Interaction with staff was great. Very quick response and resolution to any emails or issues that I had. I would recommend this to any upcoming analyst and I can’t wait to take the next course. (when finances allow.)
(Billy Koerner 17/09/2015)

Excellent course, high quality contents, exceptional guidance through the topics, well-structured and easy to follow. Many thanks for your great contribution to my career.
(Juan Francisco Romero 12/09/2015)

Excellent basic intelligence course and great that it can be completed in your own time online!
(Claire Brown 30/08/2015)

Very informative looking forward to part 2
(Mike Grieves 29/08/2015)

I’ve just finished the course and I must say it is quite detailed. I think more practical examples from real life would bring a deeper understanding. This aspect is even more relevant for the chapter covering inferential statistics, which gave a brief insight upon the topic.
However, I would be curious to see how different indicators (qualitative or quantitative), typical for law-enforcement organizations can be aggregated so that you can put your understanding beyond the obvious – to surface issues hardly visible by other analytical techniques. (Some good ideas which we will consider)
All in all the course represents a good stepping stone for a career in the criminal intelligence analysis
(Madalin 27/07/2015)

Thank you for the opportunity
(Janice Herzog 16/07/2015)

The course was well put together. Assignments and PDF reviews really helped me with coherent and accurate answers to the test questions.
(Michael Tuskan 09/04/2015)

Really well laid out course, high recommended to anyone like me who is looking to start in the direction of becoming an Intelligence Analysis.
(Paul Whitton 09/04/2015)

Excellent course. Looking forward to continue.
Adisa 26/03/2015)

I Have finally completed the course, thanks for your patience.
(Jane Peddle 20/03/2015)

Very well designed course
(Lucy Plumb 19/02/2015)

Very good course
(Eric Cavanagh 14/02/2015)

The material was very helpful and very well – presented.
(Andreas Evangelatos 31/01/2015)

Over all, I enjoyed the course as the video presentations provided good insight with the written notes to add more detail. The contents were explained very well and easy to understand. The test questions at the end of every module ensured further cementing of contents. The web links were also very useful for further reading.
I also liked the course structure and set up as it provided opportunity to complete each module systematically.
The support from the coach were excellent.
(Johan Hurter 27/01/2015)

Excellent course!!
(Luc Bouvier 16/01/2015)

Thank you very much for great course! I am shore it will help me at my work in the future!
(Mario Bahorič 19/12/2014)

Good course and review
(Heather Quattrocchi 09/12/2014)

The modules were written in a simple and concise language that was easy to understand. The quizzes demanded attention to detail in order to answer them. However, it is suggested that the quiz should contain more practical problems to test align the students to happenings in the world. I would have loved to be test in the analysis stage in the Intelligence Process.
(Rusty Okundaye 30/11/2014)

The course was a good introduction, though would like to see more detailed case study examples as another layer of understanding.
(Sameer Parmanand 28/11/2014)

Many thanks for allowing me to enrol on this course. Its structure is progressive and insightful.
I think there should be a test for the ‘Introduction to Criminal Intelligence and Criminal Intelligence Analysis’ module. Overall I feel as though I have benefited hugely from this introductory course and I hope to enrol on another shortly. Thanks
(Adam Griffiths 26/11/2014)

Please add more to the history and development in section 1. A very good introduction to IA.
(Marcia Hamzat 23/11/2014)

This course serves to prepare me for the real world of analysis. It will also assist me in my day to day functions, and to develop my skills in critical thinking
(Marilyn Gokool 07/11/2014)

This was a very interesting, informative and compact course which will assist me in my present field of work as I deal with investigations and intelligence. I hope that many of my colleagues participate and are exposed to it. I liked especially listening to the tutors as this assisted me in understanding much better. In addition, I learnt a lot of new words and terminology which I intend to add to my vocabulary. I appreciated my supervisors in giving me this opportunity and would like to thank the persons involved in its production, etc. thanks again. I can’t wait to go one to the intermediate.
(Devica Jangbahadoorsingh 07/11/2014)

This course is designed to assist me with the everyday tasking which am called upon to perform, therefore it will help me to have an open mind which will be perceived through my way of thinking. This course is very interesting, and I will be putting as much as possible of what I have learnt into everyday practice, thus making me a more effective analysis.
(Marilyn Gokool 07/11/2014)

This course was very informative.
(Glennon Foncette 24/10/2014)

This was a very interesting and informative program.
(Kabisha Alexis 24/10/2015)

It was a well put together and informative course that captured my full attention. Looking forward to expanding my knowledge further when the next level starts.
(Damon Pierre 24/10/2015)

This course was very educational, interesting and mind-bubbling. It was very time-consuming but enjoyable. I am grateful.
(Raymond Sandiford 24/10/2015)

Very informative and practicable for personnel in the Intelligence agency (field officers)
(Ruston Waldropt 24/10/2014)

This introductory course has opened my eyes to a greater extent as to the analysis techniques that are necessary for producing a good end product. I look forward to the second level.
(Joann Bobb Charles 24/10/2015)

Very good course. Looking forward to doing the next one in near future,
(Johan 23/10/2015)

This course was very well put together and easy to understand. However, I found that there were some inconsistencies in regards to wording which made answering some of the questions on the tests somewhat difficult.
(Danielle Fujiwara 27/09/2014)

The course is very well structured and the quizzes at each level assist in the preparation for the final test. The course provides essential information about the processes of Crime Analysis and Criminal Intelligence Analysis.
(Tatjana Tomic-Alihodzic 27/09/2014)

Interesting, having done this alongside a degree the information seems very basic but that’s what is expected of a foundation course. I look forward to undertaking more courses in the future.
(Georgina Outhwaite 16/08/2014)

The course is very well structured and the contents are quite informative and in context with the “real world”. The additional materials and links complement the manuals very well.
(Paulo Spencer 12/08/2014)

Good starter course.
(Kerry Mcmanus 09/08/2014)

Thank you for the response, I will hope for the best, I have enjoyed taking the courses online, I haven’t found any other organization that offers this.
(Regina Hart 05/08/2014)

Good course.
(Kerry Davis 01/08/2014)

I liked the way the course was broken down so was easy to follow each topic and provided convenient break points. I liked some of the facts in the history as it kept my interest by being different. Topic 6 was very lengthy and due to my background I found some of it to be quite drawn out. Some of the topics remained on the first screen for too long which isn’t easy to look at whilst waiting for it to change and following what is being said.
(Rebecca Nairn 28/07/2014)

Overall, the course was informative and useful. However, general common sense could have been sufficient enough to understand the basic intelligence analytical skills. It’s a shame that I have not had enough time to dig deeper on websites linked to the course.
(Eun Young Choi 18/07/2014)

I would like to thank Steve for his help and constant support. I enjoyed this course, it is informative and self-explanatory. Well composed and cascaded in easy bite-size modules. I have decided to go on to the next level and I will recommend this course for anyone who wants a career in the related field.
(Katherine 29/05/2014)

This course was very useful overall for my development as an analyst.
(Nolan Brennan 28/05/2014)

It was overall a very good course to attend. But topic nr. 6 Forecasting or 06 Introduction to the Analysis of Patterns & Relationships, was a long one to get through. Yet the manual was also very well written, which made it easy to understand when you first really got started, that I appreciate. Once again I really enjoyed the overall course. It was very informative.
(Christian Jansen 26/05/2014)

This is an excellent course giving practitioners a firm grounding in the principles of criminal intelligence analysis. The format of the course sets out the pillars of intelligence analysis, such as the intelligence process, data issues, analysis, analysis of patterns and trends, crime theories and intelligence dissemination. From a practitioner’s perspective, the course provides useful insights into procedures, theories and historical contexts across a variety of jurisdictions. CI-01 is recommended for anyone working within the police or security services or those with an interest on how decision making in modern policing is informed.
(John Moore 25/05/2014)

As an introduction, this course is both valuable and useful. The course is fluid and well presented, and the accompanying manuals worth saving and keeping.
(M Medici de Forza 16/05/2014)

An excellent introduction to the world of Crime and Intelligence analysis. Clear and concise in teaching. I enjoyed the course and have found it very professional, and at the right difficulty level. I can’t wait to start the intermediate module. Much thanks for your considerations and patience. Thank-you.
(Jim Caron 30/04/2014)

It is a good introduction, even though there could be a bit more detain and insight.
(Jasoslav Vorac 01/04/2014)

Overall excellent introduction course to Intelligence Analysis. Well developed, structured and presented. However, the focus is clearly more on Crime than on Intelligence. I would have appreciated if there were more Intelligence elements……Many thanks for your great course, I really learn’t a lot in the Basic one, looking forward to the Intermediate.
(Jean 23/03/2014)

The course was well put together and the external links gave an opportunity to further explore the content being taught.
Some of the links didn’t work;………The manual was immediately sent out to me by Steve via email which stopped any disruption to my studying the material and the link was rectified ASAP.
I would have liked to further explore the basic data gathering and techniques to display the data but I suppose this will be addressed further in the intermediate course.
I feel that the test questions were easy to answer and relevant to the module however they are easy to locate in the manuals which gives confidence that the modules can be ‘passed’ with little effort.
A good starter course with some useful information. I would certainly consider progressing onto the intermediate course.
(Debbie Clarke 12/03/2014)

Overall and excellent course with relevant and current materials.
I cannot wait to commence the next level and sink my teeth deeper into the world of intelligence!
(Dominic Osborne 21/01/2014)

An excellent introduction to the world of Crime and Intelligence analysis. Both clear and concise teaching the minimum required to understand the basic job of analyst on a day to day basis. Highly recommend this course to anyone interested in intelligence or crime analysis.
(Matthew T 09/01/2014)

I enjoyed the course and will be back soon for level 2.
(Robin Wilkinson 09/01/2014)

As a beginner for the subject, intelligence analysis, I found the course is interesting and easy to follow. Although, there is a repetition of information i.e. crime analysis and criminal intelligence analysis but overall contents are very good.
(Anon Student 06/01/2014)

Great. Awesome course. Found it very informative and beneficial! I plan on taking more courses once I finish my master’s program in the spring.
(Robert Cosgrove 01/01/2014)

I enjoyed the course and have found it very professional, and at the right difficulty level. I see you have taken the comments on board about the videos and are updating them. The content is spot on, I come from a military background and wanted to take a course that would explain the differences to me, this course served that purpose perfectly.
(Anon Student 14/12/2013)

There was not a single part of the course i deemed irrelevant, or questioned. Good work keep it up, and thank you.

Very good content.
(Richard Carnell 27/11/2013)

The course was fantastic. I can’t wait to start the intermediate module.
(Michael Kelly 26/10/2013)

I found this course a very good refresher for the analyst course at took at Wakefield approx 4 years ago.
(Mark Skeggs 20/10/2013)

I found the robot-sounding voices on the course video segments to be distracting. Much preferred the dude with the Scottish accent.
(Anon Student 19/10/2013. Note; Updated as below, the dude is Yorkshire)

Good detailed and clear course. The notes and videos could do with updating to more professional Look and Feel. Real voices should be used for the videos not computer generated ones.
(Rebecca 14/10/2013. Note Updated as previous Dec 2013)

A very comprehensive overview of intelligence analysis. I like the fact that I was able to take the course at my own pace and knew that additional support was available should I require it.
(Anon Student 14/10/2013)

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course, from start to finish. It equipped me with relevant information on the subject and provided me with knowledge I can now use in job interviews. It was very interesting and easy to follow. I am very much looking forward to starting the Intermediate course.
(Linda Nemcova 09/10/2013)

The course was good for me. I gained new information which will help me at my work in the future. Thank you.
(Robert 07/10/2013)

Good course, however brief.
More work could be done on Crime theories. Obviously many theories of crime exist but the module was very selective at only choosing opportunity typed theories, but nevertheless great attempt to explain those theories. Data issues was too extensive to fit into one module.
Some of the quiz questions were often ambiguous OR double edged so had to make an educated guess or try to deduce the answer through elimination.
My favourite modules were intelligence cycle and types of analysis, though brief, but to be expected since this was a basic course. Look forward to the second course, which I will commence in the coming months.
Thank you for rectifying the mistake and the information provided for the other question. Just completed the course. Thoroughly enjoyed it and looking forward to embark on the next course. The best thing about the course (I forgot to mention in the feedback) is the quality of the customer service from yourself and Anthony. Thank you very much!
I will embark on the 2nd of the course and even strategic assessment
(Anon Student 21/09/2013)

Enjoyed the course. Good informative modules. One downside are the voices on the videos accompanying. Some sounded very robotic and a bit off-putting
(Chris Callaghan 27/08/2013. Note: As previous videos now updated Dec 2013)

A very good course on the history of intelligence and the components of NIM.
(Ryan Sookoo 17/08/2013)

I fully enjoyed the course and felt it gives an excellent insight into Intelligence Analysis.
(Garry Pilkington 05/08/2013)

(Anon Student 02/08/2013)

Thank you very much! I found the course really interesting and will definitely continue with additional modules in the future!
(Ansa Heyl 27/07/2013)

Thanks for the Intro, will for sure move in to the Intermediate course.
(Dirk Schrader 24/07/2013)

I found the information to be very useful and informative and I’m looking forward to the intermediate level.
(Sharlene M. John 22/07/2013)

I experienced some difficulty in understanding some of the questions and some of the answer choices were confusing at times.
Course content is very relevant and complete. All information appears to be up to date. I am very satisfied with the course.
(Shurland Hernandez 22/07/2013)

There were a few grammar mistakes in the test questions, which occasionally threw me. Apart from that, a very interesting course. Thank you
(Anon Student 29/06/2013)

For peoples who want to work within analysis, it’s a good basic start-up course.
(Emil Nygaard 28/06/2013)

Great course, good instruction, well presented, & would highly recommend it.
(Chris 23/06/2013)

Great course, I really enjoyed it.
(Ioannidou Foteini 23/06/2013)

The course would be easier to read if the font was a “San Serif” i.e. Ariel or similar rather than “Serif” such as Times New Roman.
I would have preferred a real person doing the voice over on the videos, it would have learnt it more credibility.
(Pete Easterbrook 06/06/2013. Note: Noted re fonts, the voiceovers are now human)

I found this course to be a useful overview of the basic concepts and foundations for analysis. Basic concepts and processes were clearly contextualised in a useful and user-friendly way. Affirmation of the place analysis holds in the intelligence cycle.
(Karma Hunter 30/05/2013)

I thought the course high quality.
One thing that you might consider is how to integrate TECHINT into the history of intelligence module. One way to perhaps do this is to explore how societal reliance on technology gave rise to the need for states and organizations to utilize technology to gain information from which processed intelligence could be synthesized. This may also be a method by which a paragraph or two could be utilized to provide high-level overviews of intelligence source types and the different ‘INTs’.
Scott Hibbard 22/05/2013. Note: Good suggestion Scott but maybe a little too in depth at this stage but under consideration.)

I’m a fan of the ‘check’ function during tests. It puts an emphasis on encouraging learning, rather than punishing an alternative view or incorrectly perceived question.
(Danny Munday 22/05/2013)

Good course, maybe a bit too simple. Videos are unnecessary.
(Mitch 12/05/2013. Note: The course is intended to be video led with a manual for backup)

Very good course, recommended
(Anon Student 11/05/2013)

Hello and Good morning Steve
Firstly I would to say that the course was fantastic, I learnt a lot of concepts and new skills if you like on this great content .In depth and clearly communicated course modules were a highlight, distinctly Data Description, Forecasting and Analysis were great. As a whole this course and believe the others are great from what I have seen in the basic course, I will definitely do another one soon.
(Linley Bignoux 09/05/2013)

Fantastic delivery of course, very in depth .I will be doing another course soon with them, highly recommended, hard to find good courses like there’s in the online delivery platform!!!
(Lin 08/05/2013)

Really enjoyed this course looking forward to starting the next ones.
(Catherine Janes-Hurst 23/04/2013)

When answering multiple choice questions, It is annoying looking through the answer numbers and linking up with the answers.
(Ben 26/04/2013 Note: This is how multi choice works)

A great course I knew nothing about intelligence and now I feel I have a good basic understanding of what’s involved and how an intelligence analyst would work. I don’t really like the video voices which sound automated. The one none robotic voice on the videos was fine and could be used through the entire course. Apart from that I feel the information was well presented, important and relevant. A great course.
(Ben Kleboe 22/04/2013 Note: Course amended all voices now human 23/12/2013)

I enjoyed every bit of the course and I will recommend it to friends and colleagues interested. Thank you!
(Harold Baker 18/04/2013)

I found the basic course a very good introduction to the topic. It was informative and the material was written and presented in a clear, concise manner that facilitated understanding and retention. Overall, extremely satisfied.
The only thing I would suggest is provision of a bibliography/additional materials or resources in order to enable students to read more widely on the topic.
(Evagoras C. Leventis 15/04/2013)

I enjoyed the knowledge of the course, and all of the topics were interesting, especially the theories of crime and the intelligence cycle and process.
(Andy Fallon 09/04/2013)

Thank you for this interesting course. I found it was very suitable for beginners, providing a understandable yet comprehensive and detailed introduction. One quibble: the modules could do with being broken down a little more into smaller sub-sections to make information more manageable to take in.
I look forward to doing level 2.
(Andrew Lowe 21/03/2013)

An overall excellent course.
(James Bell 17/03/2013)

Very informative, useful and right to the point. Quiz should have more questions, it gave me the opportunity to revisit the manuals and understand anything that was not clear.
(Dave Revanales 14/03/2013)

I really enjoy every bit and pieces of the course. Great job and keep it up. Am surely going to start the intermediate course.
(Ayelabola Kolawole Edward 16/03/2013)

Excellent course! It was very informative and easy to navigate.
(Kimberly St. Clair 24/02/2013)

Dear Sir, the course in itself is very factual and good to follow with plenty of information for study provided. I am looking forward to going on to the next stage.
(Kerrie Sunderland 11/02/2013)

Overall this was a very good foundation for the subject.
The voices were a little distracting on some of the chapters and the website was a little tricky to navigate at times but overall very good value.
(Tracey Yates 30/01/2013)

The course was a useful refresher for me.
(Suzie 30/01/2013)

Very clear and organised course. I am looking forward to starting the intermediate level.
(Long 20/12/2012)

This was a very enjoyable course and I would give serious consideration to signing up for the level 2 course as soon as my budget allows. The particular things I liked about the course was the content, structure and the fact that I could print off the course modules to keep for future reference……
(James Steels 10/12/2012)

Excellent course. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Look forward to level 2
(Michael Criston 23/11/2012)

I am very glad to come across with this affordable and informative course, it has been a while since I left my education but a bug of carrying on studying leaded me towards choosing this course, I can assure that this course is very well presented and tests are not as hard that you feel scared to enrolled.
Many Thanks
(Syed Jamal 19/11/2012)

The course was very informative and educative as well. It was designed to the appropriate level of difficulty and provided challenging questions and tests that aided in recollection of course content covered.
Having a final long test helped to summarise the whole course. Perhaps the exclusion of previously asked questions could be more helpful, but if there inclusion is a way of reiterating the importance of certain key concepts then their inclusion in the final test is ok.
Some of the modules were too long and could be split into 2, while others and especially the last ones’ were too short and could be combined as they covered the same key concepts.
On the whole this is a wonderful course that I will definitely recommend to my friends and criminology peers in Africa, many of whom cannot afford to travel to attend classroom courses yet require this training for career advancement and to add value to their work.
(Sarah Simons 13/11/2012)

Extremely thorough and clearly presented information and great to have individual quizzes along the way with the ability to check your progress.
(Joe Ward 05/11/2012)

Enjoyable course – interesting insight into analysis.
Generally found the course easy to work through and pleasant to use. Few areas slightly over-written and lengthy (presentation areas) and some slighly skipped over (forecasting) but still good all the same. However, I would do another course with you. Many thanks
(Stuart Elliott-Smith 05/10/2012)

Great Course!
(Yvonne Trammell 26/09/2012)

I´m quite content with the course although I would have wanted to be able to go through it in a shorter time. Easy to understand and interesting although not all parts are of interest for me.
(Anon 08/09/2012)

I have been both a Special Agent working Crim, Fraud, and Counterintelligence cases and recently, over the past 10 years an analyst and Threat Center Director. I believe this is a very good course. When I started there were no formal courses so to get certified I need to take this on and the Level 2 to take the IALEIA certification exam. So from what I have seen this should be very helpful.
(Daniel S 27/08/2012)

Found the course challenging yet rewarding and I have to admitt I actually found it fun. I will have to agree with David Toddington who recommended the course to me it was very enjoyable.
(John Fraser 26/08/2012)

Excellent course. Well structured and well appreciated. Hats off to the facilitators, great job.
(Glen Simmons 12/07/2012)

Great course, looking forward to Level 2. . I found the course very interesting and definitely helped my understating of crime & analysis.
I’ll set my sights on the level 2 course in the next few weeks and I very much look forward to it!
(Tom Leppard 12/07/2012)

It was a great course, really enjoyed it. I will do level 2 at some stage in the near future.
(Peter Williams 08/07/2012)

Thankyou for your email and my certificate. I am interested in doing the next level course at some stage in the near future – its a really well run online course with clear instructions and easy to understand study material. Hopefully I will be able to get work in this area soon so I can put it all to good use 🙂
(Sue Ferrabee 07/07/2012)

I have recently completed the Intermediate Level Crime Analysis & Criminal Intelligence Analysis Course. Prior to that, I completed the Basic (Level 1) Course.
The basic course, although “introductory level” was an excellent course for someone with little or no experience in the intelligence field. It outlined the concepts and protocols in simple language and enabled me to get a good grasp of processes in place. The course also had ongoing quizzes – which you could complete at your own pace and gave you a good idea of where you where at.
(Tony Robinson 03/07/2012)

Here is my feedback about Crime Intelligence Analysis course (Basic level) which I took in March and I’m busy with the Intermediate level now. What I like about the courses:

1) these 2 courses are approved by the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts (IALEIA)
and one can get involved in the IALEIA Professional Certification Program to get certified, etc.
2) they are cost-effective
3) no need to attend classes or sit formal exams
4) user-friendly web-site and navigation
5) quick replies from Directors

The Basic course is quite simple. The Intermediate course is more challenging, more material to study and a lot more assignments to complete. In general, both are well structured.
Certificates are sent by email. I requested mine to be posted to SAfrica and I received it sometime ago. Everything was OK.
(Oksana Borukh 03/07/2012)

Really great course, interesting right from the start.
(Peter 30/06/2012)

I commenced the Initial Course in January 2012. I found it gave clear and accurate instructions and was very easy to understand and follow. At the time due to other commitments I was unable to complete the course in the required time, but as I contacted Steve BERRY at the course I was able to extend the course.

I was able to completed the course in my own time and at my own pace. Steve was very supportive and always promptly replied to my e-mails. Having successfully completed the Basic course I immediately commenced the Intermediate Course, as I expected it was a more intense and a harder course. I must admit that I had a few problems along the way. This was not due to the course material, but due to my misinterpretation of what was required from me and my perception of the role of the Analyst. I spoke to Steve on numerous occasions and he was very patient and helpful, one occasion he spent almost two hours explaining things to me. For this I was very grateful. It clarified and addressed many issues regarding my interpretation of the material on the course.
I completed the course in May 2012 with a reasonable pass mark.
My observations and personal views are, I had over 31 years experience as a Police Detective both in the UK and working for the United Nations in the former Yugoslavia.
On both courses the material was very clear and concise. It was easy to follow and to understand. My problems were as follows:-
I always interpreted information as intelligence and did not analyse the material.
I always looked at all the material from an evidential point of view and it was not until I was a long way through the Intermediate course that I started to think like an Analyst as opposed to a Detective.
Overall I thoroughly enjoyed both courses and they have both been very beneficial to me .
I can thoroughly recommend the courses.
I have no affiliation to this company and I have tried to give a balanced and honest view.
(Steve Biggs 30/06/2012)

A very good introductory course to teach the basics – really well written with good exams throughout. Thankyou 🙂
(Anon 29/06/2012)

I must say that it was a first time experience for me and you are also dependent mainly on your attitude towards learning. As the student you will learn that the course is quite open to cheating if you so desire; however, I warn you that you will only be constraining your own self from properly learning the material as was the case with some of my online class mates.
I am an intelligence officer for the Belize Government and i provide analysis for various topics including crime and intelligence reports. The knowledge i have gained from the courses provided by Steve and his institution has benn priceless. I am now able to add better techniques at creating time-line analysis; structuring data for organized criminal groups; phone data analysis; creating inferences of which for all aforementioned and many other tasking as they come.
Steve and his institution have created a very interactive way for learning all of these things through the online courses and i must say that they always respond promptly to my queries despite our time difference. I encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about Intelligence analysis courses to look up Steve BERRY. It is through that it is a Certificate Program; however, i would like for you to know that their Certificate is recognized globally and once you passed will be recognized as a qualified analyst.
From my experience through the course the first phase was not as difficult as the second phase. The second phase requires much more reading and the examinations are more difficult. For anymore assistance feel free to contact me on this email.
(Name Supplied 28/06/2012)

I have taken level 1 and am currently working on level 2
The courses are excellent. The first one introduces you to the basics and is easy to manage as far as time. The level 2 allows you to complete assignments and practice what you have learned.
Steve is always available for assistance.
I would definitely recommend taking the courses.
(Elaine L Taylor 28/06/2012)

I have undertaken study with Intelligence Analysis Training. I have completed Crime and Intelligence Analysis Basic Level and almost completed the intermediate level. I have found the courses very enjoyable and comprehensive. Having worked in the intelligence arena 10 years ago and seeking to return I have completed the courses to refresh my knowledge and skills.
(Laura Hackett 28/06/2012)

The modules have been easy to follow and the assignments have really tested knowledge and understanding. I would recommend these courses to anyone not able to access a classroom based training program or for those who learn better at their own speed. I hope my comments are useful but if you wish to ask anything more then I am happy for you to contact me.
I also completed the feedback form, but I just want to go ahead and tell you that this has been a fantastic experience–thank you for making the course available in an online format.
(Tacy Kalenda 24/06/2012)

This course provided a sound foundation for understanding what IA is and what it is not. Presenting the material in auditory and visual formats was effective, although the use of different voices in the videos was a little distracting at times. ………………….. The supplementary PDFs will be very helpful resources for further study. Overall, this course reinforced and extended what I know about IA, and it was a worthwhile experience. Also, I offer a big “Thank you!” to the creators of the course for making it available online.
(Anon 24/06/2012)

Absolutely outstanding training package. Interesting, useful and practical.
(Richard Carrivick 19/06/2012)

This is a great course. It covers the subject matter very thoroughly and is very informative. My one criticism would be that the tests seem more geared towards checking you can exactly remember the wording of the supporting material rather than whether you have firmly grasped the underlying concepts. Nevertheless a really good course.
(Anon 25/05/2012)

Great course! Excellent introduction to the field.
(Richard 06/05/2012)

Thanks for the response Steve. I really enjoyed the entire course. It was most appropriate to my duties at work. I am looking forward to our next course, which is expected sometime in May.
(Bryan Lawrence 13/04/2012)

The course was great, and much more challenging which i really enjoyed.
(Katie Bettridge 11/04/2012)

I have started implementing new procedure relative to the gathering of intelligence analyzing intel and info as a result of the training ,My staff is also quite appreciative of the materials i have pass on to them from the training.
(Denis Knutt 05/04/2012)

This course was informative and insightful. A lot of new information was revealed which would be of tremendous assistance in my future approach to dealing with intelligence and related matters. There is but one minor change to the course format I would like to suggest and that is where one has to submit after answering a question. There should be a promt from the computer asking if your submission is a final one as oppsed to what obtains now. This would eliminate instances where a student wishes to change an answer or may have entered an option which was done in error as it would give the student a chance to correct the mistake. It was my first online course which turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Kudos to the persons responsible for putting this program together. Last but not least, our local facilitator was of tremendous help to me which ought to be mentioned. Thank you and keep up the good work.
(Anon 29/03/2012)

Excellent programme well put together and well received. I look forward to the next level.
(Kenneth Cudjoe 29/03/2012)

I am pleased to say that this course was very educational and worth every cent that was paid. I must say that the knowledge obtained would be very beneficial to my line of duty at a police officer. I am looking forward to undertake the next level. Thank you.
(Bryan Lawrence 29/03/2012)

The course was very interesting, the information was most applicable and will definitely assist the officers in their respective areas of operation.
(Gary Gould 29/03/2012)

Being my first on line course, i began the first day very apprehensive, however as the progressed i realized that the learning method was designed to make learning and grasping as simple as possible. Although some of the information was new to me, i have completed this period of training being a lot more learned than when i began. The contents were relevant to my day to day responsibilities and would surely serve me in good sted. Thanks kindly for the opportunity again.
(Anthony Joseph 29/03/2012)

This course was most refreshing, it was eye opening and provided a lot of insight. I recommend this course for all prospective and current analyst.
Thank you Steve and keep up the good work.
(Glenroy Phillip 29/03/2012)

This on line course was very effective and informative.
(Richard Rojas 29/03/2012)

The course was well received. I found the course material beneficial and of a very high standard. The method used for the online marking is effective and it was a joy participating in this course. Thank you kindly.
(Anon 29/03/2012)

The information in this training was very informative and will definitely assist me in job.
(Denis Knutt 29/03/2012)

The course was very well put together and will further enhance my abilities.
(Anon 29/03/2012)

The content was very appropriate and timely. Very Informative, looking forward to the intermediate.
(Alicia Henry 29/03/2012)

Excellent Online course looking forward to continue with Intermediate level
(Joseph Norton 01/03/2012)

I enjoyed taking this course. Thank you for offering it.
(Kristen 22/02/2012)

Excellent course.
(Edward Waite 18/01/12)

I thought the course was very informative and very extensive. I am looking forward to taking CI-02 as I found CI-01 very interesting and very helpful in the role that i currently do. Steve has also been very helpful and quick to respond with any queries i had with the system.
(Katie Bettridge 16/01/12)

Overall a great and informative course !
Thank you I have learnt a lot, I just need to put it into practice !
(Steve Biggs 04/01/12)

I greatly appreciate Intelligence Analysis Training, Ltd, putting together this specialized package of courses. They are direct and get straight to the point, and well organized in terms of topic and their progression from the history of IA to dissemination. For me, the repetition of content offered in the text and video was key to getting things to sink in.
As a Criminal Justice student seeking to build on IA skills/competencies, I also found reassuring that much of the content presented here was consistent with other C & CIA coursework I had taken, but with the added benefit of substantially building on what I had learned previously. My only quibble might be typos in the text that sometimes distracted me.

I look forwarding to taking the next course in the series in the near future. Last but not least, Steve was of great help in getting me started.
Thanks again.
(Jan Suszkiw 18/11/11)

I found the course excellent and I am looking forward to completing the next level.
(Anon 23/10/11)

Great course! Really enjoyed it. Often introduction type courses can be very complex; however, this was very straight forward and easy to understand and follow
Steve Berry was also very helpful!!
(Elaine Taylor 21/10/11)

Very good course.
(Del Delaney 20/10/11)

A very good course – easy to follow and understand. Look forward to completing following modules.
(Tony Robinson 03/10/11)

The course was a good work-out. The pedagogical method is the same successful pedagogy as that in current use by the United Nations Institute of Training and Research. One of the problems with job-related training is the over-reliance on definitions and descriptions, in order to negotiate agreed meaning within organisations. This can be balanced with “white-paper” styles of case studies, written up in the correct rhetorical forms, which makes for more persuasive learning. The intelligence cycle appears to be related to the action research cycle and to the manoeuvre warfare cycle, both of which are based on the knowledge cycle set out in Plato’s Letters VII. Overall, a satisfying introduction to the field.
(Gary Lilienthal 08/09/2011)

…..I have completed a certificate in intelligence analysis through AMU, and have read extensively on the subject – this was a nice refresher, and I learned many new things as well; now if only I could find entry-level employment in the field – perhaps that will be one of your future courses?…..
(Peter B 31/08/2011)

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I found each chapter to be well written and all expectations were met within the body of the training. The tests were straight and direct questions that made you think about the answer without worrying about too many distracters. All in all it was very informative and fun to work on and I look forward to continuing with the further advanced studies your company provides.
Thank you very much for your hard work in providing such a great product.
(Donald R. Foster 18/08/2011)

After completing the basic course I eagerly anticipated the intermediate one. From the outset the course was very well structured and I was eased back into the subject matter. The subject itself being explained in lamens terms, then gradually adding the detail to describe the complicated processes involved in producing accurate intelligence. The required coursework was also excellently put together, starting with basic charting techniques culminating in complicated examples of linear regression and moving averages. In a nutshell, an excellent and rewarding course with a tutor only a fast email away. 10/10
(Andrew Kemplay 17/05/2011)

The course is fantastic! It’s the first course I’ve followed online and I must admit that it has surpassed my expectations. I’ve really enjoyed it! The presentation method of combining texts and video excerpts is superb, especially, because the language used is very clear and concise. Looking forward to your intermediate course. Goreth
(Goreth Kyakuwa 02/05/2011)

I very much enjoyed the course. I found the deliver of the subject matter & content to be excellent. I like how you have structured each module to flow in to the next topic providing a natural progression through the course. I will be happy to provide feedback & have spoken to a number of people within my own organisation that would be similarly interested in raising our awareness of analysis practices & techniques.
(James Gibney 11/02/2011)

Overall Course Comments: I do not think it is necessary to comment on every module because I am very satisfied with the overall programme and have no suggestions for improvement. I think that the course is excellent. The course provided me with all the information I needed to advance my knowledge of the subject. I already had the opportunity to demonstrate some of my newly acquired knowledge. I praised the course to my colleagues and suggested to the colleagues from my team to enrol and complete both of the courses
(Dubravka Polic 09/02/2011)

“ It is evident that this course is vital to my future aspirations within the military and more so in aiding my zealous attempts to assist the appropriate authorities in ridding ……… City of Organised Crime. My initial exposure to the level one course has allowed me to assist my Superiors, here, to effectively develop strategies needed to assist and deploy military assets across ……. City in order to aid the Police in tackling the crippling crime situation. Your course has given the insight to effectively execute my duties as the Intelligence/ Operations Officer for Operation …….. It has allowed me the skills necessary to look at crime patterns in the city, link events together and subsequently provide a blue print by which Senior Police and Military Officers develop strategies in order to jointly deploy manpower across the City”.
(Name supplied 19/10/2010)

“The material covered in this course was very informative. A great way to gain a background to the subject in order to further a career. The end of module tests were particularly useful in ensuring understanding of each module”.
(Linda Elsham 17/10/2010)

“I truly enjoyed this course. It gave me good general overview and helped to understand that analyst is really something I’d like to be in my future career. This training gives all the necessary basic knowledge, something that is usually asked at an interview that’s why I’d recommend it to anybody who would like to perceive their career within analysis. C01 course is a theoretical one and now I’m really looking forward to start C02 as there will be some practical tasks as well. I also would like to express my Thank You to Steve Berry as he is very supportive of all the students during the course”.
(Jekaterina Gurjeva 09/10/2010)

“It was good; however, there needs to be more practical examples to the more important aspects of the course”.
(Eric Neal 09/09/2010)

“I really enjoyed reading all the chapters. I had a few hiccups with the video’s but it didn’t impede on the course. I also study Criminology and they complimented each other well”.
(Jo Pullman 07/09/2010)

“Excellent and enjoyable course”.
(Bronagh Bradley 02/08/2010)

“The course was informative and very helpful. & thanks for your assistance as well”.
(Ixchell 25/05/2010)

“Thank you very much. be pleased to know that the course was an eye opener to some things and i am already applying some of what i have learned during this course. the best part about the course is its simplicity. I enjoyed reading the material contained therein. Cannot wait to see what’s in store for the next course”.
(Elswort Young 25/05/2010)

“I like this course so much. I think you have a lot of good texts about the subjects. I think to do next course soon”.
(Jairo 09/05/2010)

“I would like to thank you and your organization for giving me an opportunity to be part of this Intelligence Analysis Training. Definitely i would put into practice what I have learn in this course.
This will enhance my career development and will enable me to continue to do a job much better in the analysis field.
Once again I would like to thank you and it’s a pleasure to be part of this training and looking forward for the second part of the training”.
(Jorge Villanueva 06/05/2010)

“Perfect course provides everything that it states in a clear and understandable format”.
(Glyn Taylor 25/04/2010)

“Really enjoyed the course during my busy schedule at work….”
(D Sanchez 24/04/2010)

“It was very Good, well put together”.
(Anonymous 23/04/2010)

“Much as it was informative, it was also enjoyable”.
(Anonymous 17/04/2010)

“This was a very good course it encourage critical thinking.
Overall Course Comments: The course was well put together. I have done a similar course in the past, however this is an excellent course”.
(Bert Bowden 14/04/2010)

Overall, excellent course! I’m eagerly awaiting the Intermediate and Advanced.
(Dustin MacDonald 01/01/2010)

“This was a very comprehensive font of information – particularly for the price. The only reason I have marked \”good\” instead of \”excellent\” is because I could have used some dumbing-down of the language. I consider myself to have a decent grasp of the english language, but when reading into a somewhat complicated subject for the first time, I could have used a bit of \”Intelligence Analysis for Dummies\” kind of clarity ;o) The compilation of information is to be applauded though, and the test at the end of each section was an excellent way of ingraining the information. Thankyou! ;o)”
(Jade Lay 14/12/2009)

“Very insightful and informative course; well put together. I am looking forward to the next level”.
(Blerta Wyatt 14/12/2009)

“Overall Course Comments: My innermost appreciation to the team which developed this course making it totally comprehensible to anyone without even any substantial background in policing or intelligence. Please introduce your other courses soon”.
(Keshav Mazumdar 09/12/2009)

“Thankyou guys for this brilliant course. the only advice I have is that you should charge 250 FOR THIS COURSE NOT 45. WELL DONE”.
(Abe. M. Abraham 26/10/2009)

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It has been a passion of mine to explore Intelligence Analysis for a while now and I was a bit hesitant in pursuing it as I was starting from scratch but this course took me from the very beginning and broke down any complex terminology and concepts. Really appreciate all the work that went into getting this up. Thank you”.
(Olivia Santilli 04/10/2009)

“I like the course very much and wish to subscribe to more modules. There are a few bugs in the quiz. Sometimes you have to select wrong answers to get the maximum points for a question. (This has been fixed Steve)
Compare to other online course I did, I regretted that there was no interaction with tutors or other participants. I know that the course is new, so it might improve later on. But I would find the course more motivating if there was exercises/feedback. (Maybe, for the introduction course it is not really useful…? Also, I would not mind paying a bigger fee in that case). (There is more interaction in future courses, not really needed in this course, Steve)
Thank you for this course!”
(Stephanie Lessieur 09/09/2009)

“I thoroughly enjoyed it and was as interesting and informative as I hoped it would be”
“Enjoyed this basic introduction and has made me even more determined to forge a career in this line of work. Thanks for creating it”!
(Neil Bostock 07/09/2009)

“I found it an excellent way to learn the content. The questions are very well put together; they ensure you carefully take in the info… But I am sure you knew that already….looking forward to the next course”
“Very impressed with the course content. Excellent and very informative course”
(Andrew Kemplay 24/08/2009)

“I enjoyed the course very much and look forward to more”.
(Kenneth Barden 17/08/2009)


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