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CI-02 Intelligence Analysis – Intermediate – Law enforcement analyst training

All modules followed a logical order and were easy to follow, except 1. I appreciated having both the written format to use for easy reference and note taking and having the audio/video file to listen to and watch.

Module 6 needs some organizational work. The manual does not follow along with the audio/video file. Each made sense on their own, but they did not coincide with one another.

Overall a very thorough and useful course.

(Tammy Tetlock 19/03/2019)

Very interesting course very well put together.

Many Thanks for your assistance in helping me get this course, and the other two courses, completed – I am most grateful.

I will keep an eye out for anyone who would need this kind of course / training, I potentially know of some, I will not hesitate in recommending your organisation as I think it is right on top of its game both in what it does and what is required.

(Mark J Hall 18/03/2019)

Particularly enjoyed the units on thinking skills which gave me radical insight into other areas of thinking and really expanded my views into problems, and the charting, forecasting and analysis units.

Was great to be able to have a go at areas relating to the intelligence products and see how they contribute to the overall scenario. A suggestion: if you are going to include comments about protective marking in tutor feedback then this should form part of the content of the evaluation unit, this had to be sent to me separately.

Not currently being within law enforcement the unit on recommendations along with insight from Steve and Tony was invaluable, it’s easy to just use extreme measures that are seen on TV. Throughout the course I felt that the assignments were far more complex than the content of the unit e.g. concealed income seems to give a golden example with normal mortgage payments and normal loans, but the exercises are filled with interest only loan payments, calculating tax, savings interest, car trade ins so it’s much more complicated than the manual/lessons had taught – the opportunity to stretch my thinking is great, but some of this content should be covered within the unit. I like the mix of self-graded tests, exercises and tutor-graded assignments. Thanks Fiona

(Fiona Cole 21/10/2018

This is a very good course, It teaches the needed skills, not just in theory but in application. This is very useful in many sectors whether private or when working for a government (law enforcement or otherwise). I also appreciate the tutoring throughout the course, very instructive and helpful. I have seen other courses but consider this and the other courses you offer among the best. I can not only recommend them but in have recommended them as a must do to many of the people that are involved in this field. This has application obviously to a law enforcement setting but it is also very useful in other settings. I have been involved in conflict resolution and war crime reduction (preventing them or ending them). Crimes are crimes regardless of the setting or magnitude. I wished I had this knowledge then it would certainly have helped speed things up which is crucial.
Keep up the good work, its very helpful.
(Michael Dean 03/10/2018)

I would say that the course is very good however, where I encountered a problem was with using Excel. I think that a number of your students may be unfamiliar with Excel. There daily use being lists and rosters.
However if you are a relative new comer to Excel, then this can be a difficult module. You Tube can help but it may be more helpful if you provided your own video showing the basics on how to make a graph etc.
It seems that there is an assumption that the students already have a basic knowledge and understanding when as in my case, they have not. A basic video showing how to create and complete the task would be a real asset to the course rather than hoping to find something on You Tube.
Also, I think that the certificates could look better.
Listening to the computerised voices on the videos can be a bit tedious.
I do appreciate your patience and understanding and for allowing extra time. This course has been completed after working hours. Again I appreciate Tony’s comments but even though it may have been frustratingly obvious to him, it still wasn’t clear to me.
Lastly, for obvious reasons the course is police based but consideration should be given to producing a more general course. I work within the International Security world where I am expected to gather information on the situation within my AOR. Politicians, Police, Key figures, Terrorist Groups, Ethnic groups etc. I am quite confident that aiming a course at persons working in the international security analysis world would generate a great deal of interest as there is a lack of such courses out there.
So thank you for providing an insight and helping me to grasp some basic techniques.
(David B 11/09/2018)

Great course, timely and thorough explanation from the tutors. I appreciate the extra time granted to complete it. The catch-as catch can manner in which I did the lessons hurt my grade son but learned a lot nonetheless. Thank you.
(Jan Suszkiw 02/09/2018)

Overall a very useful course. Practical exercises gave me confidence on using the tools to make inferences. Gained a better appreciation on the various tools that analysts use to sense make crime information.
For the Exercise on Forecasting, I felt the instructions were misleading. For example, combine moving average and linear regression can be taken to mean different things. Perhaps to use both techniques one after the other to come up with one graph, or to use each technique independently and come up with 2 graph but shown in one chart superimposed. The term ‘combine’ was misleading for me. Also the instructions indicated to use a 6 month moving average but the table provided showed a column for a 2 month moving average as well, so again this was confusing. In the absence of time, I did not clarify.

Otherwise, I felt that the feedback and comments provided by the instructors were very useful and encouraging at the same time. It provides a personal touch to this online course. The lesson on concealed income was also very educational for me as I have almost no background in finance. I also appreciate that the tutors responded to the queries I emailed. I am happy to have completed this course and learnt useful and applicable skills. I can really appreciate how the use of the tools, makes it possible to organize disparate crime information so that analysts can make inferences in a systematic and comprehensive manner. Thank you.

(J. Srieedar 29/06/2018)

This course provided me the participant with the adequate skills and training to to develop myself as an analyst. The topics covered focus on key areas within the scope of an analyst.

(Stepfon Ramkissoon 10/12/2017)

Thank you very much Mr. Steve it was indeed a task for me however learning did take place in regards to the various techniques which could be used when it comes to solving crime it was indeed a very interesting course and again thank you for the patience and guidance

(Leslie-ann Francois 26/11/2017)

This Course was very beneficial to me in my Job Spec.

(Darriel Roberts 26/10/2017)

This course was very interesting, at times it was a bit of a challenge. Personally 9B was the most challenging, non the less it was completed. the material was well presented and easy to understand.
However, the parts of the course which had the machine/robot read instead of humans turned out to be monotonous after a while as it read in one flat tone. other to that kudos to you. Great course!
(Erica Haddaway-Ramsey 24/09/2017)

The written form (manual) for the new module, Concealed Income Analysis, was much easier to read and follow than previous manuals due to both font choice and flow.
Overall, I wish the modules had more specific and/or difficult examples, as it sometimes seemed that the assignments were asking for knowledge or material that wasn’t explored in the modules.
I thank you for answering all of my questions quickly despite the time difference, and providing ongoing support for assignments.
(Katlyn England 11/01/2017)

The course was well set out and the feedback from tutors was greatly appreciated and helped me to see where I could improve and see what I have missed and can include next time. The only downside for me was the robotic voices used on the videos, it made it hard to understand at some points and explanations were different to the manual so when trying to follow along on parts I couldn’t quite grasp was difficult.
(Hayley Collins 01/11/2016)

There are some aspects I believe could have been developed more (in hindsight) and some that were submitted because I felt I needed some guidance from you all, so I made the sacrifice. On one or two occasions, I felt that you should of sent back the first part rather than the second part after marking the first. This would have assisted me in preparing a better product. I do appreciate the reviews which I felt were fair and objective even though the mark was hard to swallow…Thanks again and all the best.
(Peter Fraser 20/10/2016)

The course is thoughtfully designed and challenging as it should be. Some of the narration on the video presentations could be better delivered. This is particularly so for the robot narrator. More tonality and normal voice modulation / emphasis would help greatly in this.
Overall I have enjoyed the course it has instilled good discipline and knowledge.
(Andrew Robins 23/06/2016)

Thanks kindly. This training has been very helpful to developing our unit.  Many thanks and have a great day.
(MaryAnn McInerney 29/10/2015)

Overall, an informative and beneficial course. Thank you……” Thank you so much for your insight, your assistance, and most of all for your patience as I progressed through CI-02”.
(Janna Bloom 29/10/2015)

Intensive and very interesting module. Thank you……….” thank you for the efforts made to design such a good course. Honestly, I was a bit sceptical at the beginning, because I’ve attended some other courses in the past and most of them were overrated. The trainers had impressive CVs, but the content of the training was rather poor.
I personally found your course to be very good, with actionable knowledge which goes deeper than the obvious and not designed as a simulation to sugar-coat the commerce with pseudo-certificates as many do nowadays. The assignments and the reviews add a lot of value. I would suggest to explore the possibility that participants to the course, get access to some anonymised assignments of others. I’ve see this approach in many MOOCs available on Coursera and I found it very useful. You don’t need to do that for the purpose of ‘peer review’ as they do, but just seeing how others approached the same problem, might help participants in the learning process”.
(Madalin Sandu 04/10/2015)

A good and solid course, which teaches some genuinely interesting and useful practical skills. The practical assignments were suitably challenging and the marking suitably strict to ensure that learning goals had been achieved. Some of the assignment expectations and instructions could on occasion have been clearer or more precise.
Still, the learner support from the two tutors was very good, helping guide me through any periods of uncertainty and taking into account learner needs.
As I progress in my new job as a risk analyst and gain more experience, I look forward to undertaking the level 3 course at a later date.
(Andrew Lowe 06/07/2015)

Throughout the course I received great support and encouragement from Steve and Anthony and the flexibility afforded to me around study, assignment submissions and deadlines was excellent.
I work offshore in PNG, Pacific Islands and domestically all over Australia, so it’s often difficult to dedicate time to study after a 16 hour shift and the never ending stream of work-related issues.
I can see how powerful the skill delivered in this course will be to me in my organisation and I intend to spend some time revising much of the content learned in order to implement it into the arena that I work in (Detention and Asylum Seeker Processing).
Thanks again for all of your help. I would love to attend some of the classroom training that you offer if I ever have the chance to be in the UK.
(Dominic OSBORNE 31/05/2015)

Good course content and well structured, challenging and rewarding exercises, though each module would benefit from more examples to demonstrate the theory and processes involved.
(M Medici de Forza 22/05/2015)

Great feedback from the instructors on the assignments.
(Heather 02/04/2015)

I highly recommend this course for all United Nations Security Professionals.
(Jean 30/03/2015)

I believe the directions for the assignments could be a little clearer. There were times where I would follow the instructions for an assignment and then was told I did not include something in my submitted assignment. Furthermore, the instructions did not always depict what the tutor would like to see in the final submission. I believe with more thorough instructions I could have received better grades. (Instructions amended where necessary SB)
Regardless of the aforementioned message, I learned a lot from this course. Thank you.
(Danielle Fujiwara 27/03/2015)

Thank you very much for the course. It is challenging especially since I have done no intelligence training before the basic course. Thank you also for your flexibility and giving me the time needed to finish the course.
Overall I would say it is a great level of teaching. Especially the exercises are the part where I learnt the most.
(Jaroslav Vorac 31/01/2015)

Thank you very much for the course gentlemen! Very helpful.
(Darrell Taylor 10/11/2014)

Very good course, extremely helpful during selection for NCA intelligence officer. Very helpful tutors and very clear and concise lessons.
(Matthew Thomas 26/03/2014)

A well structured, informative course, enables the student to build upon those topics covered in Level 1.
(Rebecca Allenby 28/01/2014)

Really enjoyed this course and feel I have learn’t so much from it.
(Catherine Janes-Hurst 29/09/2013)

Great course, I’ve learnt so much, and very thankful for the extra support from Steve & Anthony.
(Christine Gibbon 02/09/2013)

I found the Crime & Intelligence Analysis – Level 2 (Intermediate) course and material to be informative, comprehensive and presented in a clear, concise manner. Both tutors that I interacted with – Steve Berry and Anthony Gill – were patient, knowledgeable and provided constructive, timely feedback. All the aforementioned made this course very enjoyable and highly educational.
(Evagoras Leventis 25/06/2013)

IT gives me great please to endorse and recommend the Strategic Assessment and the Criminal Intelligence Analysis -Intermediate Level as two courses in the pursuit of analytical excellence. The courses are practical and industry relevant. If you are looking for analytical courses that would give you a distinctive competence in your field and ultimately and advantage over your peers, I recommend both the Criminal Intelligence Analysis and the Strategic Assessment and industry relevant courses in the life of any Intelligence Analyst.
(Glenroy Phillip 25/06/2013)

I am personally delighted to have gone through this training. It is undoubtedly preparing anybody who goes through it a good analyst and improves the quality of work for an already practicing analyst. It is worth taking and more.
Thank you Stephen and Tony for the great work done to prepare this course. It is a great piece of work for an analyst in the contemporary situations in the world.
“Crime Intelligence analysis Intermediate offered by Intelligence Analysis Training Ltd is a very good course for anybody in the field of intelligence analysis and wants to take his/her profession more seriously. The course has enough and necessary material, allows the trainee to learn at his/her own pace with the provision of e-learning platform and the marking of assignments and provision of professional feedback made me feel the real learning taking place. ”
(Africa S. Apollo 23/06/2013)

This course was excellent, unfortunately because I was pursuing other demanding educational goals, the timing was not good for me.
Michael Aziz 17/05/2013)

An excellent course. However, a better understanding of the course would have been achieved if the modules of 7 to 10 would have been taught before attempting the various charts. I am of the view that participants would have been able to give better judgments. (These have now been changed as suggested)
(June Springer 15/05/2013. Note: This is because of the reversal of Inference, the module will be re-ordered on update, and this is notified to students before the course is started.)

I think the modules needs to be re arrange because as it stands now it is back to front.
(Steve Daniel 15/05/2013. Note: This is because of the reversal of Inference, the module will be re-ordered on update, and this is notified to students before the course is started.)

This course was simply excellent. It was challenging, educational and the feedback provided by both Mr Berry and Mr Gill was succinct and insightful. The only three issues that I would like to comment on are:
1) Provision of a notification (either via e-mail to the student or posted on the notice board of the course) of changes to the templates used for the exercises. In my particular case, I had downloaded all exercise templates when I first signed-up. When I came to complete the exercises for Module 6, I noticed that the template versions had changed and included additional information that had not been present on the previous templates (i.e. they had been updated). However, nowhere was there a notice alerting students to that fact.
2) I would have appreciated an explanation as to how the marks for the various sections of a given exercise are allocated (in a more detailed manner that what is provided on the site). For example, for Module 6, the sections on Hypothesis Development are apparently not required (as per the information provided on the Overview Report on the Grades section of a student’s User Report). Yet, grades are allocated for these parts that then affect a student’s overall mark for the exercise.
3) A bibliography that would provide students with additional reading material to broaden their knowledge would be beneficial.

(Evagoras C. Leventis 11/05/2013. Note: 1. Notification to students was sent too late, sorry. 2. The grading system is internal where some modules are required and others not, this actually only applied to the module 6. 3. We do try to update other locations we find, however research from students is more beneficial)

Overall a mind taxing course. The idea of lessons 8 and 10 before 3, 4, 5 is good, a little too late for me.
(Dave Revanales 28/04/2013)

Well prepared materials and overall course.
As new to the intelligence analysis, I think I would have benefited more if I had to review the last three chapters (Recommendations, analytical techniques, and inference) at the beginning of the course, to help me grasp better understanding before start hands on homework that required such background knowledge. Thanks
Wissam Bilal 21/04/2013 (Instructions to complete first now at beginning of module)

Overall a very good course. The tutors are extremely helpful and patient. A few of the modules repeated themselves from the basic course which felt a little unnecessary in places. Also some of the assignments were a little unclear exactly what was required so the feedback made them make more sense than the instructions. Over all very good though and very helpful!
(Lauren 31/01/2013) (Comments are under review SB)

The reading material given was easy to understand however the flow analysis and event charting were the most difficult exercises. ……………the information learn’t was invaluable
(Alicia Henry 02/08/2012)

THE COURSE WAS QUITE DEMANDING IN COMPARISON WITH THE BASIC LEVEL. The information and lecture was interesting and is already being implemented to my department .I am continuing to grow in my field of intelligence gathering and we are seeing results. I am encouraging my staff to enrol in future courses offered. thanks again.
(Denis Knutt 01/08/2012)

I have recently completed the Intermediate Level Crime Analysis & Criminal Intelligence Analysis Course. Prior to that, I completed the Basic (Level 1) Course.
The Intermediate course was a step up as far as intensity was concerned and followed on well from the introductory course. It was well structured and, again enabled you to work at your own pace. This course really got you thinking – quite literally, especially while completing the mandatory “exercises” along the way. There were still the quizzes to contend with, but you really need to switch on when completing the exercises. Also, make sure you check your work prior to submitting for marking by the tutors (Steve & Anthony). I let myself down on a few occasions by not checking my work thoroughly but still managed a pretty good grade at completion.
Steve and Anthony were very reasonable throughout the course(s) and always approachable and willing to provide advice and “guide” me back on track if I got a bit lost.
As mentioned, the intermediate course is reasonably intensive and requires a dedicated approach to complete within the timeframe allocated. Providing you complete the “basic” course first, you should have little difficulty completing the intermediate level.
All in all, the courses were very professional and extremely well put together. I personally benefitted a great deal by completing them, and hope to go on to the “advanced” course at a later date.
(Tony Robinson 03/07/2012)

Having successfully completed the Basic course I immediately commenced the Intermediate Course, as I expected it was a more intense and a harder course. I must admit that I had a few problems along the way. This was not due to the course material, but due to my misinterpretation of what was required from me and my perception of the role of the Analyst. I spoke to Steve on numerous occasions and he was very patient and helpful, one occasion he spent almost two hours explaining things to me. For this I was very grateful. It clarified and addressed many issues regarding my interpretation of the material on the course. I completed the course in May 2012 with a reasonable pass mark.
My observations and personal views are, I had over 31 years experience as a Police Detective both in the UK and working for the United Nations in the former Yugoslavia. On both courses the material was very clear and concise. It was easy to follow and to understand.
My problems were as follows:- I always interpreted information as intelligence and did not analyse the material. I always looked at all the material from an evidential point of view and it was not until I was a long way through the Intermediate course that I started to think like an Analyst as opposed to a Detective.
Overall I thoroughly enjoyed both courses and they have both been very beneficial to me .
I can thoroughly recommend the courses.
I have no affiliation to this company and I have tried to give a balanced and honest view.
(Steve Biggs 30/06/2012)

The knowledge I have gained from the courses provided by Steve and his institution has benn priceless. I am now able to add better techniques at creating time-line analysis; structuring data for organized criminal groups; phone data analysis; creating inferences of which for all aforementioned and many other tasking as they come.
Steve and his institution have created a very interactive way for learning all of these things through the online courses and i must say that they always respond promptly to my queries despite our time difference. I encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about Intelligence analysis courses to look up Steve BERRY. It is through that it is a Certificate Program; however, i would like for you to know that their Certificate is recognized globally and once you passed will be recognized as a qualified analyst.
From my experience through the course the first phase was not as difficult as the second phase. The second phase requires much more reading and the examinations are more difficult. For anymore assistance feel free to contact me on this email.
(Name Supplied 28/06/2012)

The level 2 allows you to complete assignments and practice what you have learned. Steve is always available for assistance.
I would definitely recommend taking the courses.
(Elaine L Taylor 28/06/2012)

Thank you very much for all the help you and Tony have provided me inb this course. The course material was excellent and as you say the intermediate course was a lot more challenging than the basic. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and would recommend this to anyone who wants to work in the analysis field as well as people looking to brush up on there investigation skills.
Thanks again for both your help and support and i will be enrolling on the advanced course when it is available
(Del Delaney 12/12/11)

I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in Intel Analysis. I found the intermediate level more challenging but it gave me a far better understanding of charting techniques. Both Steve and Tony are incredibly helpful and have huge amounts of patience. Thank you for making this such an interesting course and supporting me along the way.
(Jo Pullman 06/02/2011)

“The course was very interesting to me…and i learned a great deal in how to go about making Analysis and not to jump into conclusions..without working out or getting the actual idea of the circumstances”.
(Martin Mas 29/11/2010)

“Many thanks for the opportunity you have created for us in furthering our abilities to become critical analyst for the Belize Police Department and by extension the Government. I must say that the course was in deed challenging and interesting at the same time. Feel certain that while I did not score as high as I had anticipated; I believe that I have grasped the concepts of your teachings. I have already begun using the smoothing technique to various time series data on crimes here in Belize. This technique is superb and has helped to reduce the headache in extrapolating crime patterns along with forecasting periods………
I would have liked the quizzes to be more in line to typed written answers rather than only multiple choice. Albeit, the multiple choice were tricky, I also understand the need for control over the student in regards to cheating, but just a suggestion.
Thank you very much for your consideration in the offering of the time extensions to finish the course”.
( Elswort Young 10/11/2010)

“I must say that your course has given me the skills needed to work better in the environment which I operate daily. Thanks for everything”!
(Eric Neal 05/11/2010)

“Thanks for everything. I have learnt many ideas through this course and i can assure you that I’m putting into use what I learn through this course”.
(Genaro Chan 08/09/2010)

“Many thanks indeed. I’m more than happy to provide some feedback.
Just on a personal note, I found the learning of exceptional value, with real practical application to my daily tasks. The module on critical thinking was excellent – I wish I had learned about it as an undergraduate! I enjoyed the assignments and found them stimulating and demanding. I put in plenty of time to work through the tasks – but time well spent as they brought to life the techniques.
You provided detailed feedback on my assignments which together with the specimen answers are very helpful for understanding good practice and identifying areas to improve.
The online platform worked perfectly well. The only very minor point I’d make is on the videos – just to suggest that you ensure you have a human narrator for each section and avoid using the computer-generated narrator.
I also appreciated having a tutor. Sometimes with online training courses you feel as the student a little bit anonymous, but your feedback by email on assignments and prompt response to various queries ensured this was not the case.
So thanks again. I’m looking forward to further learning opportunities with you in due course, I hope in early 2011”.
(Oliver Broad 21/09/2010)

“Dear Steve, Dear Anthony, One final word after my Intermediate Course: THANKS! For your professionalism, guidance and feedback, all much appreciated.
Steve, thanks for your help with charts and matrix..
Tony, thanks for your patience bearing with me and MS Excel Functions…
Once again, I am very satisfied with this course and looking very forward, if I will be accepted, to the next step (Advanced Course)”.
Best Regards,
(Maurizio CARMINI 31/08/2010)


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