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CI-05 Strategic Assessment – Law enforcement analyst training

This was an excellent course. Very useful. How does one get a large amount of data into an informative, easily digestible form. Something a client can absorb quickly and get the whole picture? This course does this. Very useful for an analyst and even more so for the client.

I think this course is a must for any analyst. I definitely recommend it.

Regards Michael

(Michael Dean 02/12/2018)

Many Thanks for the Certificate and for the course – it was very interesting. I will certainly be looking to apply the skills I learned from both courses over time.

The content was about the right level, a little difficult to get my head around in a couple of places however you made a lot of the key ideas clear throughout. I got plenty of experience working on various aspects of the intelligence process such as Hypothesis development and Inference generation. I liked the structured methods used, and the scope for adaptation to various different issues.

I also liked the explanations on the Inductive logic and Inference generation side. Coming from a Scientific background myself that was most useful.

Overall a very well put together course.

(Mark Hall 05/07/2018)


(Mark J Hall 24/05/2018)

Regarding the course, my overall feedback is very good as it will improve my professional knowledge in this domain. I have found challenges, but I consider that they are because of different system used in the day to day activity. Nevertheless, it gives me the opportunity to apply different analysis, like PESTLE, which I found it very useful especially in the border management domain.

(Alexandru Niculita 23/10/2017)

Another excellent product indeed. This course (it is my fourth with
you) allowed me to better understand and support my team of analysts in the Mission (I am the head of safety and security, supervising multiple departments).
(Maurizio Carmini 22/05/2015)

I enjoyed doing this course. The fact that is self-paced facilitates the management of our time. Furthermore it has very interesting materials.
(Catarina Nunes Ladeira 26/01/2014)

I would like to thank you both for your excellent course on Strategic Assessment and the suggestions on the exercises.
In the beginning I didn’t know exactly what to expect from this course… if it fitted what I had I my mind. But to my surprise it was all comprehensive, well structure and targeted. It fulfilled my needs to have a comprehensive picture on the subject, an excellent job.
(Cata Pavel 16/09/2013)

I enjoyed the course which was really interesting, well-structured and the information well explained, in an attractive way. Good job!
(Cata Pavel 15/09/2013)

I must commend the organisation on putting together such a relevant course. The. Learning is invaluable. It didn’t only give new insight, but reinforced old learning.
The practical exercises brought out the skillset and competences necessary. Moreover, the feedback from Tony and yourself was phenomenal. Continue the good work as we go forward.
(Inspector Glenroy Phillip Trinidad & Tobago Police Training Officer 06/09/2013)

Another excellent course designed and delivered by Intelligence Analysis Training Ltd.
The information provided and skills that it aims to develop, are seamlessly transferable and can be immediately applied to non-law enforcement sectors.
It is evident that the developers/tutors have put a lot of thought and effort in creating this course, continuing the educational value and high standards that I have come to associate Intelligence Analysis Training Ltd with.
I cannot recommend CI-05 (and CI-01 and CI-02) enough.
(Evagoras C. Leventis 28/06/2013)

IT gives me great please to endorse and recommend the Strategic Assessment and the Criminal Intelligence Analysis -Intermediate Level as two courses in the pursuit of analytical excellence.
The courses are practical and industry relevant. If you are looking for analytical courses that would give you a distinctive competence in your field and ultimately and advantage over your peers, I recommend both the Criminal Intelligence Analysis and the Strategic Assessment and industry relevant courses in the life of any Intelligence Analyst.
(Inspector Glenroy Phillip 25/06/2013)


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