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CI-06 Decision Making

Course was well presented. I liked the fact it was broken down into several smaller videos rather than one long presentation.

(Denise 27/03/2019)

Very pleasant course and great content. It was very interesting, and everything was explained to me perfectly.

(Christine Sallion 11/03/2019)

It was very interesting!

Fabia Berbigao 22/10/2018)

Good content and explanation. More real life examples useful.
(Edward 23/09/2018)

Very useful to systematize how and why decisions are taken in police work
(António José Coelho Duarte Alves 05/09/2018)

Simple, to the point and relevant for other types of service.
(Bruno de Carvalho 04/09/2018)

The course was well set out and throughout the course many aspects of my crime scene science degree came flooding back. Thoroughly enjoyed the course and will be back to do more.
(Sarah Kay 20/05/2018)

An excellent course and very useful not only in law enforcement but almost all settings. I strongly recommend this course.
(Michael Dean 04/05/2018)

I Enjoyed this module as a refresher. I will be purchasing a couple of the other courses soon. Its easy to follow and great to crack on with it in your own time.
(Lorna Markillie 14/03/2018)

I received this course as a ‘try before you buy deal’. It was very informative, easy to follow and pitched at a good level for the majority.
(Charlotte 16/01/2018)

All modules in the course was excellent an applicable to all organisation
(Oritsetsaye Toritseju Ogbitse 31/12/2017)

Many thanks for the course. I enjoyed it and learned a lot.
(Douglas Kerr 25/11/2107)

This course is very good. I hope there is a higher score.
(John Adigwu 20/11/2017)

A very informative course. Considering this was a free course I feel it was very worth it and contained a lot of content. I am pleased I did it as it convinced me to purchase further training.
(Andrew Clarkson 17/10/2017)

I consider the NDM course very good. The focus on the Code of Ethics throughout keeps you very focused. I had some answered some questions incorrectly, which I kicked myself for…
I will be back for more. Good luck and best wishes to all.
(Andrew Stringer 11/06/2017)

Thank you very much sir for your wonderful style of your presentation and delivery of these awesome content.
I have downloaded the course material and the explanations are excellent.
I have received the certification for the course and I’m in the process of printing it out. Words cannot describe my joy at the moment and l say thank you and the good work.
I’m please to inform you to enrol me in the next level of the course since the course has enhance my efficiency in decisions making as a police officer.
I thank your team very much and counting on your cooperation for the next level of the course especially helping me to sign on by providing me with the necessary support, indeed you are fabulous.
I’m therefore standing by for your instructions sir!
My Regards
(lsaac 05-03-2017)

I’m very excited about this course and hoping to use opportunity to achieve more. More to your elbow well done well won.
(lsaac 04-03-2017)

l’m enjoying the course to the max indeed l love your presentation style.
Keep the good work up
(lsaac 18-02-2017)

I rate the NDM course as excellent. I found it very interesting and useful. Can I have a copy of my certificate confirming I have completed it please. I shall be buying a course shortly. Thanks Owen
(Owen Elias 08/01/2017)

All lessons were very good (5) and clear
(Muhammad Brice 20/12/2016)

Thanks for this opportunity.
(Panagiotis 17/11/2016)

Very well. Thank you.
(Morten Gertson 16/11/2016)

Really enjoyed the course, still finding my feet with study after so long of being away from it. Slightly difficult for me with writing the notes most pertinent to what I required to take on board but, I’m sure that will come with more study…………………..……………….
…………….Still, enjoyable course and lots learned, especially having the PDF of the whole course so I can keep reading through and keep instilling it all in my brain.
Will recommend to colleagues
Steve Bradbury (27/08/2016)

Excellent overview of the National Decision Model, as well as an excellent review of decision making in general.
(Paul Bowdre 08/07/2016)

Very good course!
(Jennifer Bodine 19/04/2016)

Decision making can be defined as the process of selecting a logical choice from the available options. The National Decision Making module offers candidates a practical approach and insight into the decision making process. It is relevant, practical and multifaceted. The insights gained from this module enable candidates to utilize a process which would stand up and withstand scrutiny if put to the test. Its practicality is not only convened to policing, but all facets of the decision making process.As a manager, it is a necessary utility which would enable persons so expose to operate at a greater level of proficiency. I endorse and recommend the National Decision Making module for police and managers alike.
(Glenroy Phillip Trinidad & Tobago Police Training Manager 12/12/2013)


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