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CI-07 Communications Data For Analysts & Investigators – Law enforcement analyst training

This is an excellent course and a must for anyone that works in this field. I enjoyed every module including the exercises. Some of the technical terms I was not familiar was were easy to define. I strongly recommend this course because anyone not familiar with this field is likely to miss very valuable opportunities as the amount of information, intelligence and evidence that can be gained is vast and one would be foolish to not utilize this information to hilt.

(Michael Dean 11/01/2019)

Very good training. I would prefer to have more practical exercises

(Elena Titova 03/10/2018)


(Mark J Hall 24/05/2018)

This program was very informative. it gave be a better understanding of communication analysis.
(Kabisha Alexis 25/02/2017)

I found the course good as a refresher but the content was often quite technical and this kind of learning is better coming from interaction with a person rather than reading it from a manual. Only having one chance at the quiz at the end of modules was a good way of ensuring that the information was well read although I found the wording of some of the questions open to interpretation.
(Lía Brady 15/12/2016)

Enjoyable course – I have learnt a lot which will assist me as an analyst.
(Danielle Beacom 25/11/2016)

A good informative course.
The excel examples in comms data analysis were confusing and not the way I would clean billing on receipt. However, it gave good ideas.
(Nicola Hawe 01/11/2016)

I thought this was a very useful refresher course, however I did find some of the questions to be worded in such a way that I wasn’t entirely sure what the answer was. I also found module 9 to be a bit repetitive. I was not able to use the excel formulae included and got the answer to the final question an entirely different way. I would be very interested in completing a more advanced course about analyse comms material if one was available
(Louise Thompson 20/10/2016)

This is the first course I have done in a few years. I found the exercised very helpful and had to use one the formulas I have learnt the other day in a task at work. The only thing I struggled with on some of the exercises is the amount of reading and retraining all the information to answer the questions in the quiz.
(Louise Bundock 21/08/2016)

Thank you for designing a course which has been relevant to our requirements. Although I have completed telephone analysis I have not received such comprehensive training and can now include some guidance and context around my analysis.
(Sarah Smith 29/06/2016)

Excellent introduction to Data Communication for Analysts.
(Jean Charar 21/12/2015)

Very Good…… “Thank you, it certainly has I have just been offered a job as an intelligence assessor for the *** . I’m just going through all the vetting checks then (fingers crossed) should be able to get a start date. I also recently had an interview with ********** for a data communications investigator. I managed to pass the interview but unfortunately wasn’t the highest scoring but really pleased I made it that far. I would never have been able to go for jobs like these prior to doing these training courses”.
(Catherine 26/08/2015)

Thank you for the course. I enjoyed it very much. It is written in a very user friendly way and the additional reading material is very useful. I am looking forward to the next course.
(Dubravka Polic 07/08/2015)

A really well-made course, which I will advertise to my team.
Excellent and up-to-date literature, easy to read and very helpful to practitioners.
(Maurizio Carmini 22/05/2015)

The course was very informative and can be applied to by everyday duties.
(Glendon Richards 05/11/2014)

I really enjoyed your course which met my expectations. Particularly I enjoyed the module 9. The only part that you could have put more emphasis were the Excel functions for data processing (something like in C. Bruce- Better Policing With Microsoft Office 2007). Anyways an excellent course. I am looking forward to taking other IAT courses and I will let the people know of your work.
(Catalin Pavel 13/10/2014)

A very Intense course, worthwhile and relevant, short on the practical aspect of the theory e.g. module 9, could have been more practical, but a very good course.
(Glenroy Philip 11/10/2014)

Very informative and helpful course
(Wissam Bilal 17/08/2014)

The course is very necessary for every criminal intelligence analyst.
It is very well organized and gives satisfactory knowledge for working on communications data while dealing with any case.
I extend my thanks to the developers and tutors of this course. If anybody has ever been in class with Anthony Gill and Stephen Berry, it is easy to identify most of their style and wording through the modules.
Thank you once more.
(Africa S. Apollo 10/08/2014)


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