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CI-10 Concealed Income Analysis

A fantastic course. Very clear and practical.

(Evagoras C. Leventis 07/05/2018)

We don’t deal with concealed income analysis particularly in Kent and so this wasn’t the most relevant module for myself.
However, having completed this I would be in a better position if we were asked to do this.
(Rebecca Nairn 04/08/2017)

A very taxing but rewarding course. it requires “sittoitivness”, insight and an eye for detail. The modules are insightful and easy to follow, recommended for all financial investigators.
(Glenroy Phillip 13/04/2015)

This is a very good course that i would recommend for anybody who is working or expects to work on cases that have to deal with concealed income. It is very informative and practical. As it is expected that investigators and analysts in such cases have some accounting knowledge, the calculations part refreshes the memory of your basic accounting skills and makes the course more enjoyable.
Thank you team for a very good job.
(Africa Apollo 12/02/2015)


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