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CI-12 3x5x2 Evaluation

Really interesting, lots of information clearly laid out in a short course. Recommended. As an initial introduction to the complexity of the methods involved might want to consider breaking down some of the sections even further to eight or even nine modules, with greater details on the confidence matrix (this could be very helpful when preparing a briefing or written report), dissemination, report completion, and the risk assessment. Maybe these are things that are reinforced on the job. (?)

(Virginia Ezell 27/12/2017)

The course was good as it explained the new evaluation codes for intelligence and gave me a better understanding.
(Hayley Collins 26/07/2017)

Some quiz questions required re- evaluation before answering – Had to spend longer reading them and reviewing before answering. A great course
(Steve Biggs 12/07/2016)

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