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CI-FC-01 Forecasting & Statistics

A little bit more explanation over linear regression would have been useful.

(Claire Read 04/03/2018)

I enjoyed the whole thing apart from there is nothing at the end that tells you if you have passed or failed. You get a percentage score for the course but there is no context as to what it actually means. So I don’t know if I passed or not.
(Matt Liston 01/03/2016) I.A Rep: This is now clearer and pass certificate issued.

I found that the site itself was difficult to navigate through. I missed a question and could not get back to enter an answer. (One of the key components to this was to closely follow the instructions SB)
(Liane Kastely 01/04/2015)

Great course but the quizes were tricky. For example, one question, I gave the full number including decimal etc. and it was marked wrong as it was rounded up. The next question I rounded and it was marked wrong because of the decimal. It was unclear during the quiz which format to use. Also, not going back to check your answers. I know on one question I put “2” instead of a “3” and hit enter and as soon as I did, I saw my error and couldn’t change it and it was marked wrong of course, even though I knew the right answer. (Scoring amended since this feedback SB)
(Michelle Stinson 19/03/2015)

This course was very informative
(Jennifer Kinsella 11/03/2015)

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