Advice and Online Guidelines of Conduct

By enrolling on any online course with Intelligence Analysis Training Ltd you also agree to abide by the following online guidelines:

1. You will not use inappropriate language

Inappropriate language (or behaviour) will not be tolerated. Any derogatory or inappropriate comments will be subject to disciplinary action and your account will be suspended, pending investigation, which could lead to withdrawal of the service. No refunds will be made if your account is terminated for misuse. Any offensive or abusive postings will be removed from discussion areas. If you come across any inappropriate postings then please report them to your Tutor who will take appropriate action. Be aware that postings are closely monitored by moderators.

2. Please check & think before you send a message

Before you ‘post’ any comments or send any material on the site (including email) please check through what you have written. Does it say what you meant it to say – and how will the person who receives it interpret what you say? This is important because no one can see your expression as you send messages. It may be that you intended the message in a light-hearted manner – but we can’t see your smile – so please be careful.

3. Please ask questions!

If you don’t understand something or want any clarification then simply ask your Tutor. Tutors will always reply to your messages. If you want help then you can be sure that others are having similar problems but if no one asks the question then understanding can be difficult. So, don’t be afraid to ask a question – either in the forums or privately to your Tutor.

4. Keep your messages as short as you can – and keep to the point

When you compose a message try to express your thoughts concisely. Obviously you will need to explain your point or question, but if you write long messages it makes it more difficult for anyone to answer your question.